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We are a specialized Counter Surveillance Security Agency in Las Vegas, Nevada, who can react quickly to your immediate security needs. We have been doing this work since 2001. We use the absolute best State of the Art Equipment. It is the same equipment used by the Military, US Government agencies and the FBI. The majority of corporate Security Directors understand and demand the best TSCM detection equipment available on the market. That's why we have always used R.E.I. We are highly invested in what we do, ($100,000 +). Our services are not cheap, but always below comparable estimates, and yes, we travel. Our Sweep Video above shows just a few of the hundreds of jobs we've successfully completed.


We provide specialized Electronic Eavesdropping Detection sweeps (Bug Sweeps), as well as Counter Surveillance, Investigations and / or Protective Details. Our product is privacy assurance and protection, with Integrity. For many years our personnel have protected and served some of the wealthiest and most notable personalities in the world and our confidentiality is rooted in our military morals - It stays with us. In this world of divisiveness, surreptitious activity and nefarious actors there are too many Intelligence Intercept Operators out there willing to shed their integrity for either power or money. This is why our business is necessary.




The same technology that is led to the current popularity of cell phones has also made cell phone systems all the more susceptible to unauthorized interception. Tapping or Bugging your phone is far from being easy, but the formidable and highly trained Information Intercept Operator who is well-funded can gain access to use your cell phone as a bug. These are the categories:


The Information Intercept Operator Mercenary. This would be the professional operator with a technical background and a well-funded employer. Someone with Our Capabilities and Knowledge who cannot be licensed and lost their Integrity. Leverage intelligence is the bullseye and a large budget is required.


The Corporate Operator Climbing the ladder. This individual sees the value in the information in their office and around them. Either makes himself vulnerable to exploitation or seeks out a competitor to sell the information to.


The Emotional Operator Divorce and relationships. This individual becomes an operator out of their emotional disposition. The budget is limited as is their time. They use Internet acquired devices and time is not on their side.


The Stalker.  Focused and targeted. This individual becomes an operator out of desperation and desire. The budget is limited, but their advantage is that they have time on their side. They are aggressive, relentless and reckless.


ABOUT US: We are owned and operated by retired Major Anthony Jones, a former member of U.S. Special Operations and recipient of two Purple Hearts. He is a decorated combat veteran. He is networked extensively throughout Las Vegas, having handled top CEO's, Celebrities and High Net worth Individuals. For over two years he traveled the corporate world working for a Forbes top 20 Billionaire, providing counter eavesdropping sweeps and personal protection. Recognized for its performance as a premium service organization. We are not only licensed Private Investigators (#1558), but Licensed Private Patrolmen (1558A,) allowing us to provide complete protection and privacy assurance to you.


We are certified trained specialist in the detection and location of eavesdropping devices using the latest state of the art technology. One of the most valuable commodities any person or organization has is its proprietary information. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM, is also known by the reference of "Bug Sweeps," and the more modern name of Electronic Eavesdropping Detection or EED. Our Team is trained to the same specifications and utilizes the same equipment and techniques used by federal government.  Read more...


We use the state of the art equipment by R.E.I.  The OSCOR BLUE & 5000, both R.F. Spectrum Analyzers, ANDRE DELUXE and CPM-700 DELUXE, as well as F.L.I.R., telephone and TALAN phone network analyzer and more; ($100,000). As you can see by the video, we have done numerous sweeps of homes, businesses and casinos throughout Las Vegas and across the world, traveling with clients. To operate in Nevada you must be licensed, as we are, as well as trained to State Department standards. Read more...


Personal and Corporate espionage is a rapidly growing phenomenon in our highly competitive and complex global economy. We employ a whole spectrum of investigative skills and state of the art surveillance equipment and technology, psychological techniques, creative profiling methods, allowing ethical investigative strategies to acquire photographic, videotape, computer evidence. We teach at one of the top schools in the nation, teaching the latest techniques in investigations, surveillance, technical surveillance and counter surveillance. Read more...

Core Group Security @ 2000 – Nevada PILB License 1558 & 1558A.  702-900-2673 – EMAIL US