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Anthony Jones is a businessman, author and retired Major in the United States Air Force.  His dedication to duty  and military experience has seen him travel the globe, where he was twice wounded in action, receiving two Purple Hearts. Anthony is single and now lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he runs his own company – Core Group Security Consultants, Bodyguard and Investigations Company.


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Ops Manager – Sharon Massimino. Sharon is normally the first point of contact our clients will speak too.  She has been with Core Group for the last 10 years and is familiar with all aspects of our abilities. She is a former H.R. manager for a large multi-million dollar retail company. She puts the smile into our business.

Senior Specialist - Jimmy Hughes is a former Army Infantryman and Ranger. He is also a Senior Instructor and has worked Private Security across the globe. He is a Tac Medic with years of experience and combat experience in Vietnam. He also has 2 Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart and the Combat Infantryman Badge.

Senior Specialist - Keeghan Wilson has been working in the private sector for the past 10 years and was also a Senior Instructor at CRI Training. He has also deployed as a security contractor overseas, throughout the Middle East and the West Indies. He conducts training both in Canada and here in the United States.

Senior Specialist - Glen Bass has been working in the Tech sector for the past 20 years and was also an Instructor at CRI Training. He has a deep computer programming and ethical hacking background as well as a communications security. He has years of experience in the TSCM industry.


Core Group Security has been recognized for its performance as a premium service organization.  We are a Minority Owned, Combat Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, which combines integrity and quality to deliver unsurpassed integrated security and protection solutions. Mr. Jones is also a former Air Force Electronic Warfare Officer and has been trained in modern Electronic Eavesdropping Detection at the same school our government uses, REI. He also owns all the state of the art countermeasure equipment necessary.


Our owner, Tony Jones, is also the former Director of Training of CRI Training. CRI specializes in field of Israeli Counter Terrorism, as well as training Bodyguards and Personal Protection Specialists. All of our operators have been instructors or students here. They have also been trained to State Department standards. Core Group Security has been operating for over 16 years in Las Vegas and has helped hundreds of clients with their security needs. We also have done Electronic Bug Sweeps for the majority of casinos here.


As a civilian, Mr. Jones was one of the opening managers at the Foundation Room, atop Mandalay Bay, and is networked extensively throughout Las Vegas, having handled top CEO's, Celebrities and High Net worth Individuals. For over two years he traveled the corporate world working for a Forbes top 20 Billionaire, providing personal protection and corporate counter eavesdropping sweeps. After 9/11, Tony deployed to Iraq, and now continues serving by providing security here at home.


Major Jones has recently published his first book "BRAIN PAIN." Brain Pain is a raw and honest account of what it means to serve in the military and make a sacrifice, which demands a lifelong price.  It is a book which is a ‘must read’ for anyone who wants to know what service and sacrifice really are, and is a striking picture of what life with a traumatic brain injury (Brain Pain) is like.  For while the physical scars may heal in time and leave no lasting effects, the mental scars are ever present and lie much deeper. You can get it on Amazon Books and Kindle Direct.



702 900 2673

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Core Group Security (c) 2000 - Nevada P.I. & P.P. License 1558 & 1558A