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The majority of corporate Security Directors understand and demand the best TSCM detection equipment available on the market. That's why we have always used R.E.I. We are highly invested in what we do, ($100,000 +). 


We operate the latest REI counter-eavesdropping equipment and can ensure complete confidentiality. We specialize in locating and neutralizing surreptitious devices and nefarious personnel. It's a simple matter for an antagonistic employee or enemy, to buy an effective transmitter or ‘bugging’ device. Cheap, yet effective, audio and video devices are easily planted in boardrooms, computers, executive offices, vehicles and homes.  After all, it’s your business and it should stay your business.


REI OSCOR BLUE - Spectrum Analyzer - 50khz - 24GHz.

REI OSCOR 5000 - Spectrum Analyzer with extended MDC 300 antenna - 10khz - 9GHz.

REI TALAN - Telephone, Line and Network Analyzer - VOIP, Digital and Analog systems.

REI ANDRE DELUXE - Near Field Detector - 10khz - 12GHz.

REI CPM-700 - Near Field Detector - 50khz - 3GHz.

REI CPM-700 DELUXE - Near Field Detector - 50khz - 12GHz.

ANRITSU Spectrum Master - Spectrum Analyzer.

FLIR - Infrared Detector - Heat Sensor.

NIGHT VISION GOGGLES - Laser and Infrared detector.

SPYFINDER - Hidden Camera lens finder.



We are owned and operated by retired Major Anthony Jones, a former Military trained Electronic Warfare Officer and member of U.S. Special Operations. During Iraqi Freedom, he was the Director of the Personnel Recovery Cell and responsible for Personnel Recovery throughout the theater. Using our considerable experience and expertise in the field of security and protection, we will provide a comprehensive security solution in accordance with your specific circumstances. No job is too small.


We use the state of the art equipment by R.E.I.  The OSCOR BLUE & 5000, both R.F. Spectrum Analyzers, ANDRE DELUXE and CPM-700 DELUXE, as well as F.L.I.R., telephone and TALAN phone network analyzer and more; ($100,000). As you can see by the video, we have done numerous sweeps of homes, businesses and casinos throughout Las Vegas and across the world, traveling with clients. To operate in Nevada you must be licensed, as we are, as well as trained to State Department standards. Read more...


Mr. Jones is a Las Vegas local, here for over 30 years and highly networked. He is a former Air Force Officer and decorated combat veteran, who for over 25 years held a Top Secret SCI clearance. Our team members are also former military members and trusted agents. He is also the former Director of Training for CRI Training, and still teaches their Surveillance Operator's course, and has trained hundreds of Bodyguards to State Dept. standards over the years.

Core Group Security @ 2000 – Nevada PILB License 1558 & 1558A.  702-900-2673 – EMAIL US