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Only you know if you have reason to believe whether someone is listening or watching, and if you think they are, then they probably are. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM, is also known by the reference of "Bug Sweeps," and the more modern name of Electronic Eavesdropping Detection or EED. Technology is constantly evolving. The technical aspects of Eavesdropping, (audio, video, cell phones, computer spy ware and GPS devices), has grown and these devices and methodologies are becoming easier, cheaper and better. Our Sweep Video above shows just a few of the hundreds of jobs we've successfully completed.


Most Electronic Eavesdropping Detection Sweeps can be done in 6-8 hours, larger jobs 2 days. Based on the size and electronic density of the job, we use a team of trained operators, 3-6 people and multiple kits of the same equipment to ensure we can complete the sweep in a timely manner. We work around your schedule, but they are usually done after hours or on weekends. We don't just show up with 1-2 operators to save overhead, I always use the maximum team members available to ensure we maximize time and overlap redundancy of the sweep area. A radio frequency analysis is done for hidden wireless microphones and video cameras, then the hard line telephones and networks are checked, as well as a complete and intense physical search is done.


Our services will include at least the following:

Physical Inspection of all outlets, switches, and lighting for VLF/RF devices.

Physical Inspection of all PBX, LAN, and WAN connections and equipment.

Physical Inspection of all tables, chairs, desks, cabinets and furniture.

Analysis of all Radio Frequency electromagnetic emanations. (0-24GHz)

Analysis of Infra-red and Laser emanations.

Active and passive light spectra examined.

Evaluation of computer network facilities and associated cabling.

Inspection of all Xerox, fax, and other imaging equipment.

All phone lines inspected and verified back to the central Telecom room.

Thermal imaging and analysis of inspected areas.

Most activities will overlap to provide complete coverage.

*Computers scanned for infections of spy ware. (if requested)


Upon arrival, one of the first things our team does is set up our state of the art OSCOR 5000 and OSCOR BLUE Spectrum Analyzer and deploy our mobile scanning systems, to search out nefarious Radio Frequency transmissions. This Spectrum Analyzer is a highly sensitive Radio Frequency test instrument that searches up to 24GHz and gains in very detailed picture of any frequencies that are broadcasting in the threat area. The scanners are placed at various ends of the target areas and several scans are done, then they are moved throughout the space and more are done. Then a detailed walk through is done utilizing our mobile ANDRE and CPM 700 DELUXE's to sweep the space.


All Phones are scanned, as are the modems and networks. We use the TALAN telephone analyzer to ensure the phone programming protocols are undisturbed. The TALAN provides the capability to perform multiple tests and includes a built-in automatic switching matrix for testing all pair combinations. For example, if a cable has 8 conductors, there are 28 combinations of pairs to test; the TALAN can automatically test all combinations, storing data for comparison and analysis. We are Certified computer forensic and Ethical Hackers, so when necessary, we can review your computer systems, home networks, smart home applications and cell phones as required.


A Physical Search is a must and most competitors don’t do this due to the time involved. It’s part of our overall protocol on every job. We don's show with one single operator, we show up with at least 3-4 operators to ensure the search is complete. The bigger the space is the more operators we bring in to get the job done within one day. During a Physical Search we are looking for any old dead devices, attached devices, electronic parasitic devices or wiring that does not fit. We must have complete access and, much like a cleaning crew, we go through everything, i.e. drawers, closets, attics, crawl spaces, etc. There have been 6 instances that we have actually found “dead” devices. They were all once active “bugs.”

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